First off, this car isn’t “mine”, but a company car that I use to drive between each work site. However, I have driven enough miles to feel comfortable about writing about it. It is a 2011 Nissan Sentra, white, gray interior. Not sure if it’s a 4 or 6 cylinder motor. Never checked it out. I know my cars pretty well, but haven’t paid much attention under the hood of this one.

The two cars that my family owns are what you would call “beaters”, which are bare minimum, get from point A to B kind of cars. They have scrapes, bumps, dings, and “personalities”. So, from either of these cars, this would be an upgrade. Anyway, on to the review.

It’s sleek, has fun lines, and a nice interior. I really like the sound system, and controls on the steering wheel. I use my phone for audio, and it has an auxiliary port for such a thing. The gas and temp gauges on the dash are informative and minimal. A few menus that you can flip through, odometer, two trip meters, dte (I think that’s Drive Time Estimate?). Overall a nice experience in the driver’s seat.

The ride is nice, but my grandpa’s Buick is quieter on the roadway. I wouldn’t say it can win a drag race by any means, but it has plenty of power when you need it. It seems odd that you can get easily have it at 5000 RPM. Shifts very smoothly, but it seems to stay in a low gear for longer than it should.

Nitpicks: Couldn’t you add a few gallons to the tank? I can’t make it to KC and back on a single tank, which is annoying. It also gets about 31 MPG on the highway, which is about equal to our ’97 Grand Am. Again, odd. I’ve driven a Versa and an Altima for a trip or two, and they had buttons for the trunk. This one didn’t. Maybe it’s an option? On that subject, I find it interesting that, while locked, you can’t open the trunk without the car alarm going off.

Oh, and one last thing, why is the rear window look so short from inside the car? It’s just enough to use the rear view mirror through, but only just. This kinda causes a slight blind spot. I’ve learned to live with it, but I just like to see as much as I can.

Ok, I’m done.