Kansas State Fair Information In Your Hand

Imagine, if you will, the entrances to the State Fair. The excitement building in the kids as they smell the food and hear the noise. Some have their tickets, and some don’t, so lines form at the counters. Once tickets are bought, the patrons enter the gates, have their tickets torn, and receive a map and list of the days events. Then it happens. They take about 5 steps and stop, stare at the map, flip to the events list, look at their watch, then look at the map once more.


The Secret of Good Fries

Recently, I have become, shall we say, unimpressed with fast food chains and their french fries. To me, they seem to have lost their luster, especially with the changes of oils, flavorings, etc. The big question is this: How can you improve upon what the professionals have perfected?

So the first thing is obvious: You need a potato. Specifically a Russet Burbank Potato. These are the choice potato for french fries. (more…)