Well, the first debate has come and gone, and the news media as well as social media are digesting the sound bites. Parties are applying their spin, and fact checkers are pulling out their libraries and studies. It must be October!

Observation 1: If you turn the sound off and look at both candidates while they debate, Romney looks more energetic, and almost younger. Four hard years in the Oval Office will do that for you, though.

Observation 2: Romney’s personal moments seemed more genuine talking about his family than Obama’s, except for his opening concerning Michelle. That flame hasn’t left him at all.

Observation 3: Don’t pick on a muppet. Bad things come from that. But, I see it as less politically damaging than naming a much larger program, such as food stamps.

Observation 4: That moderator did what, exactly? I guess he read questions, but had little control.

Observation 5: I watched it on CNN. They had the graphs at the bottom for feelings of undecided voters. Bottom line: Women like Obama, Men like Romney.

Observation 6: Social Security question. Let’s all talk about Medicare! That’s the same thing, right?

Observation 7: I didn’t know a President could hire teachers? Missed that one in Government class.