So, I feel like I need to hash out what I think on the Kansas State Fair vs PETA lawsuit and war of words that has started.

First comment heads to Sam Brownback over the tweet “I will personally offer the members of PETA a Kansas City Strip if they drop this suit against the State Fair.” As a Kansas resident, I think this is a funny quip, but as a Governor, this is bad form. There is no need to fan the fire, my friend.

Second, I fully believe that PETA should enjoy Free Speech rights. They should be able to show their point of view, as should ALL Americans. I believe that they have the perfect forum for this at the Kansas State Fair. Whether you are for or against these issues, they do need to be discussed.

Third, I also fully believe that my child (or any others) should not be terrorized over something that they don’t fully understand. Similar to public decency laws regarding young viewers on TV, radio, and the internet, I believe that there should be some kind of shield for my child, other than simply “not going”. Just because there are inappropriate things on TV, doesn’t mean I keep my child from watching everything, but I do pick and choose what is appropriate.

Fourth, I believe the Kansas State Fair is within their rights to find compromise between allowing free speech and protecting their audience’s choices.

Anyone else have thoughts to add?